Special Episode – Conserve Podcast by the NRA

June 18, 2008

The National Restaurant Association presents the Conserve podcast, highlighting how restaurants are increasing their efforts to become more environmentally friendly. In this episode, we’ll give you an overview of what restaurants are doing now, steps they can take going forward and how the National Restaurant Association is helping. We’ll be talking to the Association’s President and CEO Dawn Sweeney to learn about a new Web site – Conserve.Restaurant.org – that features information, resources and tips for restaurateurs to make decisions that are both eco- and business-smart.

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Podcast Grill #39 | Cashless payment technology reaches the restaurant business

April 3, 2008

In this episode, we speak with Don Sellazzo and Verifone about cashless-payment solutions for the restaurant business. With debit out pacing the use of credit in 2006, the trends are very clear that consumers are seeking cashless as a full retail solution. The restaurant industry generates more than $500 trillion in revenue across more than 1 million locations. Currently, only the quick-service segment has truly integrated cashless at the point of service.

Casual dining and fine dining are still putting consumers at risk with card-departure payment processes, which means servers take away your card at the time of payment. The credit-card industry, including Visa USA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, are cracking down on restaurants and merchants in an effort to better protect cardholder data.

Pay-at-the-table and pay-at-the-curb solutions will be more prevalent as cashless-payment technologies work their way into the restaurant industry.

Podcast Episode #039

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Pizza Industry is pressed by food costs

March 6, 2008

Pizzeria operators are feeling the pain as the cost of cheese, flour and other commodities go through the roof.  Pizza Marketplace editor Richard Slawsky recently spoke with Peter Barnes, host of “Money for Breakfast” on the Fox Business Network, on the state of the pizza industry and how rising commodities prices are affecting operators.


Cheese prices are up 50 percent and flour prices are up 300 percent compared with last year. Every Monday, Pizza Marketplace looks at where prices are headed in the commodities markets and recaps the cost of gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas for the past week.


Podcast Grill #38 | Beverage & Brew – Healthy beverage hits the market

January 16, 2008

Are you loosing beverage sales? You might be, enjoy our second episode of the Beverage & Brew Podcast produced and hosted by the Podcast Grill Network. In this Podcast you will learn more about the fast growing beverage business and how it can help your restaurant. We get a chance to talk with Kathy Lenkov from Nestle Food Service of North America about their hot new product Sjora.


Carbonated beverage sales have dipped some 5% since 2004 which opens up tremendous opportunity for new entries like Sjora. Healthy beverage options have become a major factor in the restaurant business. Much like the fast casual segment growth which focuses on more health conscious menu items, products like Sjora could be home runs.


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Tour De Culinary Series – Crave The Experience

November 15, 2007

Crave the Experience was held in Los Angeles, CA promoted and produced by the California Restaurant Association. Join our Host Paul Barron & the Tour de Culinary series of video podcasts about culinary events and topics in the restaurant business.


Podcast Grill #37 | Buzz or Bust – Marketing in the new age of restaurant

October 24, 2007

When you think you knew it all about marketing your restaurant the game completely changes! Referral marketing, great food or location now are just the staples of the business. It takes a whole lot more as we find out from Marketing expert Linda Duke of Duke Marketing. Linda has been involved with restaurant marketing for more than a decade, join us as we explore the all new process of marketing your restaurant in today’s business climate.

Linda Duke

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Podcast Grill #36 | NRA Show 2007 – The biggest restaurant show yet

May 22, 2007

Looking into the crystal ball for 2008 and beyond. Hudson Riehle, Chief Economist and head of research at the National Restaurant Association shares his thoughts on what’s in store for the restaurant biz. Also joining us on this show, Tim Pulido, CEO of the new and improved Shakey’s Pizza.

This show hails as the Grand Daddy of them all with contingents from all over the globe and thousands of exhibitors. Many can see why attending the NRA show is on the must do list for any restaurateur.

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